Bernie Sanders's effective federal tax rate is rather low: 13.5 percent.
However, a key indication that you are dealing with a hypocrite is they will always let you down. When it comes down to it, they will let you down. If they offer to be there for you when you have had a break-up or looking for a new job, but when you want to meet up, have a chat, they are nowhere to be seen.

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Bernie Sanders's effective federal tax rate is rather low: 13.5 percent.
Below, we’re listing the folks we believe to be daytime’s top five hypocrites. On the list, you’ll find a Days of our Lives good girl who has done some surprisingly bad things, a Bold and the Beautiful billionaire whose favorite show might well be Family Affair , and even a General Hospital tag team who prove that the couple that judges ...

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Montreal restaurateur decries red-zone closures with 'symbol of hypocrisy' Rob Callard, the owner of Chez Nick in Westmount, hopes the empty-chair protest will spread. Author of the article:
Jun 29, 2019 · Reddit is also an overwhelmingly left-leaning site as a whole, so TD has always been under increased scrutiny. Interestingly, as McCue points out, far left subreddits are typically left well alone, and even members from groups like Antifa have a subreddit where they congregate, and calls for violence are often ignored:

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The Hypocrisy of Andrew Dobson. Examples of the lies and double standards behind the facade of the infamous Tom Preston/Andrew Dobson (NOTE: the comments and opinions stated in Submissions and Asks are not necessarily my own)
Everything that we know and love is reducible to the absurd acts of chemicals, and there is therefore no intrinsic value in this material universe. Hypocrite that you are, for you trust the chemicals in your brain to tell you they are chemicals. All knowledge is ultimately based on that which we cannot prove. Will you fight? Or will you perish like a dog? from Tumblr tagged as Love Meme

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Their hypocrisy stems from their actions betraying their thoughts, regardless whether they notice it or not in possible self reflection. The second kind, a 'strong hypocrite' is the kind of person you might be talking about, someone who judges others using a moral standard they themselves neither live up to, nor even seriously apply themselves to.

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